July 8, 2002



Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya, USA



Practically everybody, now living on Earth, has already realized or starts to realize or feel that something is vastly and fundamentally changing. Physical world is changing, human consciousness is changing either. Somebody goes along the path of the Divine spiritual development and evolves; somebody wallows in sin and vice, degrading. There is no another way. But everybody is free to make his own choice.


People start to feel and, later, see the things that were invisible earlier, and, based on this, were denied. In mentality of a new man of new race grows strongly an understanding of fundamental ideological fact: the world is multidimensional and intellectual, and our reality is but composite and integral   its part.


Humanity was started to open and show the real structure of the real Creation. Somebody believes in it, somebody does not still want to believe. One way or another there is stable and fatal evolutionary tendency for an opening of real humanís abilities and his realizing      of his Divine destination. These abilities that a man primarily has, are accepted to call now as ďexceptional abilitiesĒ, may be because they are differ from usual manís abilities.


Fortunately, almost nobody is surprised by clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, and gift of healing. And tomorrow it will be accessible to everybody (who will stay on renewed Earth)!


We want to help You in this dramatic turning-point moment of Your history. To help not as the Gods, Higher Power or even Masters of Light, but as Friends, Comrades and Brothers.


Who We are, Hierarchs of the Planet Hierarchy of Light, Mahatmas of Shambala?


We are the same persons as You are! Simply, using the earth terminology, We were born earlier than You. That is why We have already gone manís three-dimension   stage of Our evolution that You are passing now. After karmic breakdown occurred in Your planetís logoistic evolution program and it was infected by virus of ďthe FallĒ, a decision was made on the Extraordinary Meeting of the Universal Logos at any price to save the Earth.


7 main Star Logoses took part in the Earth birth. Some of Them, based on Cosmic Law of Free Will, preferred to use their own programs of Earth life saving, in spite of the fact that the Universe Decision was accepted. However, it is not a violation of the Law, as it may seem from the face of it, but a democracy of its action. Many events occurred on Your planet from that times showed that Their way was good, but ineffective because it was not based on self-sacrifice. Moreover, Hierarchy of Darkness managed to inflict notable defeats because actions of Powers of Lights were not always coordinated.


Then, Orion Ė Sirius Confederation (their representativesí DNA became maternal for mankind) decided to use the Law of Self-Sacrifice Preference and directed on Earth constant Mission in the person of their Star Sons. This Law reads that in case of self-sacrifice of the higher forms of mind for the sake of the lower ones, their power and possibilities are incommensurably increasing. However, if Their plan of a planet life saving will fail They themselves will be subject to annihilation. Similarly, at the last seconds of a match, to save it, a coach eliminates a goalkeeper from a field and turns out additional field player, leaving his gate without protection.


One day We will tell about it in details, now we simply note that candidates were chosen very thoroughly and on a strict voluntary basis.  They sacrificed by their well-earned right of tetra dimension Being for a sake of the Earth and mankind. It is like a person on Your planet was released from prison because he finished his term of imprisonment, and he at once decided to come back voluntarily to help the rest to become free sooner. The Laws in our Universe are drastic, but fair.


The story means that all 144 Hierarchs of Shamballa undertook obligation to the Creator: to save the Earth or to perish with it! It is still difficult for You to understand, but sooner or later You will be able to find Yourself in the same situation, when you will feel that You cannot live any more if do not save anybody.


We are on Earth for million years and will stay here until Quantum Ascending. It remains a little for Us, but how dramatic the events are! What has occurred for thousand of years now is occurred for one day!


We, Mahatmas of Shambala, deliver You this message, wishing with love to help You to avoid many mistakes, some of them We made ourselves. Now, from our passing way view, We can see them especially plain.


So, who is a healer? It is a person who achieved such level of development, on which it becomes possible to do efficient work on the Higher Planes of Being. Somebody get this as the Gift, the others get it as inheritance as native ability, and the thirds are taught it for the whole life. It does not matter how a person got it, but it is meaningful how he uses it. True healer is such person who treats every patient as his own child!


Typical mistake of human selfish consciousness, which we observe everywhere, is in following: many people, getting a gift if healing, strengthen in phantom and passing consciousness of their oneness. Actually it is not so. And everything were not so dolefully if they would have not convinced everybody and on all turnings that only them are able to heal people! And that a man says he is the (Divineís) slave and cannot save himself from the evil eye and damnation! Naturally, everybody wants to realize their own meaning that, very often, leads to sweet selfish pseudo feeling of his superiority over the other people (ď look, I was given a gift from the God, and you were not given, who you are?). Remember, Christ himself washed his disciplesí feet. It is criminally and ignorantly to forget the Christís words: ďAll of You are the Gods!Ē It means that all are equal in front of the God! Naturally, unprepared person hardly cope himself with neutralization of destructive energy information virus programs, i.e. evil eye and damnation. But with time, every, absolutely each person, being all-sufficient Divine system, will learn to make a diagnosis and healing himself.


Healer is more than a person who simply heal people. His working tool is Love of Heart, and a surgery room is his Soul. Real healer should be sentient psychotherapist either. If after a conversation with him a patient does not feels better, he was not in a healer place! Healer should find injured places in a patientís consciousness and activate his self-defense and self-regenerate functions.


Healer should realize a nature of a sickness and living failures of his patient. He should have for it a sensitive compassionate Heart and corresponding living experience. The best way to understand something is to experience something himself.


Sicknesses, living failures and sufferings are precious medicines, by which the God heals and purifies our Souls! If You simply take away evil eye (temporarily save from failures or sickness) on astral or ether planes, You can simply remove a moment of activation of his karmic program of correction to the future. In other words, You can go against the Divine Will! If a person does not learn his lesson Ė evolution causes of his sickness or living shocks, they will return, but in intensive version! How do you consider, who You will be for the God, if You disturb a performance of His Will?


True healer should find a CAUSE (to diagnose karmic cause) of a situation or sickness and explain it to a patient. In other words, he should act as a translator of the Godís language. A man should realize what he is taught and what he should understand. BUT ALWAYS this must change his ideology and behavior.


Healing is the Divine gift, which should be deserved by the common work of a healer and a patient. After that they will share a joy of gifted recovery. During the time of common work for realizing the sense of Being a healer and a patient enrich each other, temporarily becoming one entity. But the obligations of a healer and a patient are strictly distinguished: a healer, weather he is good or bad, practically never is admitted to causal level of a patient (the 5th Causal Body). An exception is information work for putting karmic diagnosis. Only a patient can have an access to his own causal level. Really to eliminate a cause of sickness he should reprogram his logoistic karmic info matrix through learning a lesson and changing himself and his relation to the world. At the same time a healer is working on lower (if thatís the case to say so) effective levels Ė mental, astral and ether, carrying out energy information cleaning, after that a patient eliminated     

the causes. But if a cause is not eliminated, such cleaning will give only temporary effect, like as sedative analgesic pill for chronic decease. It is Sisyphean toil with timing increasing of a healerís personal welfare!


So, the main task of a healer is a finding of karmic cause of a problem and explaining it to a patient!


We would like to pay Your sincere attention to fortune prediction. Do You exactly know what are You doing, fortune programmers? Future is invariant, there is no its one legible scenario.  Future is an aggregate of 144000 probabilities, as minimum. The foretellers, as a rule, see only one, not always the most favorable variant of eventsí development. They honestly tell a client ďtruthĒ. It does possible event as practically came true. A man starts to think about Your speech as inevitability. By this he either creates the event himself or attracts it by cognate mental frequencies (frequency resonance).


Dear Healers! You are Creators of Reality! You can create, program and reprogram it, in short Ė rule over it! It is Your business to tell or not to tell a patient what You have seen. We cannot give You having a single meaning and universal advice in this case. You should treat every person individually because every person is unique Universe and terra incognito. There are different approaches to different mountains. Simple, be wise and trust to your Heart, strengthen a person in favorable outcome! In such case everything will be exactly so!


Remember about your enormous responsibility; remember that the God gave You this gift to test You; every moment He is watching You and how You use His gift. Do not do commerce from the Divine gift! No, we do not call You to give up from taking money for Your work. The Law of adequate energy exchange should be kept. We simply call You not to be dissemblers and tell a lie to Yourself! We consider the best version of ďcommercial healing decisionĒ to be not a setting of fixed payment in general: let each person give such amount of money that he can or he wants to pay. Karmic equalizer will be turned in later. May be it will be difficult for You to accept this. Inertia of consciousness, requiring specific payment for specific work, is still great in the peopleís consciousness. But, as time goes by, You will understand an advantage of this method of uniting spiritual and material. And You never, remember, never will find yourself in defeat, if You will do this way. Remember: You are not in a bazaar. Is it possible that You can deny a patient only because he does not have money to give You? Is it possible You do not know that hearted ďthank youĒ or soulís prayer can give You more than money of all over the world? Is it possible You did not hear about Karmic Equalizer (the Law of the Divine Alignment)?


According to this Cosmic Law, if a patient will give a healer less than a healer gave him, the God will compensate the difference. But if You overtookÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ . VERILY, BLESSED OVERGIVINGS, FOR THEY HAVE THE GOD AS A DEBTOR!


And the last: always heal with Love of your Heart, give, not thinking about recompense. Only at that time You will become a Healer from the capital letter and find a great grace before the eyes of the God!






Channeled by New Age Masters &  Vlad Bulgakov



Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine


August 3, 2002




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